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Homestead Cabin

Robin & Patrick Stice, Eden Valley Guest Ranch
Robin & Patrick Stice

Eden Valley Guest Ranch was one of our dreams. The resort was in the preliminary planning stage for a number of years while we finished our degrees and then worked in the Puget Sound.

The planning, access, permitting, surveying, excavation, utilities, construction and landscaping phase lasted for over a decade.

The cattle and grain ranch is where Robin and her brother Tim were raised. Over 200 people contributed ideas that were incorporated in the resort. The type of facility, the location, the layout and orientation of the cabins, the themes, and many other features are examples.

The resort blends into the side of a mountain. Four cabins were sided in new pine boards sawed from dead trees by Robin's dad, Oscar. The lodge and six of the ten cabins were sided in boards of history sawed in early 1900's.

Eleven historic buildings beyond repair were carefully taken apart to preserve the old boards for siding.

One of the historic building sites was the Poland China Gold Mine. Robin's mother, Nadra helped with many design issues and theme fulfillment throughout the project. Oscar and Pat's dad, Norman found themselves busy with numerous tasks to help finish the construction.

Eden Valley Guest Ranch is also a window into American Family Farming. This active ranch raises natural beef, grain and hay. Antique and classic equipment from the 1930s through the present is used for all practices.

We added event catering in 2004 and Eden Valley Trail Rides in 2006. Other projects included landscaping activities and enhancing our playground area with an even bigger sand pile. Our guests with small children find the 36-yard sand pile and big toys very entertaining.

We have been working more on our trail system as time allows and signing the trails as well. Our first trail signs were Sintra Plastic and woodpeckers had fun destroying them. We have now replaced trail signs with those made from aluminum.

This has been a seven-day-a-week operation for us for over ten years. We plan to have more time to spend with each other and maybe get to some of the numerous local lakes for a few quick fishing trips.

We are looking forward to spending time with our guests and some campfires under the stars. We have really enjoyed having astronomers and hope to keep local skies dark.