Web Cams

Photos are a great way to see what a place looks like. Videos are even better because you can see the scene up close as it changes. Here is a list of web cameras set up by various organizations.

Jct SR 174 Grand Coulee

WSDOT SR 155 Grand Coulee
Camera ID: 0211
Description: WSDOT SR 155 Grand Coulee
Source: WSDOT.com

Sitzmark Ski Hill

Sitzmark Ski Hill , WA
Camera ID: 0219
Description: Sitzmark Ski Hill , WA
Source: http://SkiSitzmark.org

Loup Loup Summit Cam

WSDOT SR 20 - Loup Loup Summit
Camera ID: 0205
Description: WSDOT US 97 - Loup Loup Summit
Source: WSDOT.gov

BC Kelowna - Stuart Park

Stuart Park in Kelowna, British Columbia - Canada
Camera ID: 1076 Altitude: 342m Latitude: 49.888243 Longitude: -119.497361
Description: Stuart Park is a park located near Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Blewett Pass

Camera ID: 0011
Description: The main path between Cle Elum and Leavenworth - Wenatchee areas. 4,000 feet. Lovely in summer and snowy in winter.
Source: WSDOT.WA.gov

Canterbury Inn Beach Cam

Canterbury Inn Ocean Shores
Camera ID: 1364
Source: Canterburyinn.com

Chelan Realty Downtown -Cam

North of Chelan– Lake Chelan WA
Camera ID: 1423 Altitude: 1120 ft
Source: LakeChelan.com

Colville - Canning

US 395 - Colville - Canning
Camera ID: 0210
Description: US 395 - Colville - Canning
Source: WSDOT.gov

Kootenay Pass, BC

Kootenay Pass, BC
Camera ID: 1440
Source: www.panhandlebackcountry

Lac Le Jeune South

Lac Le Jeune South
Camera ID: 0095
Source: Laclejeune.ca

Lake Chelan Yacht Club Cam 1

Webcam 1 of Lake Chelan Yacht Club
Camera ID: 0326 Altitude: 1120 ft Latitude: 47.920710 Longitude: -120.209760
Source: LakeChelanYachtClub.org

Leavenworth Bavarian Lodge, Washington State

Bavarian Lodge in Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington State
Camera ID: 1091 Altitude: 1,100 Latitude: 47.5978 Longitude: -120.6580
Description: View of Leavenworth Bavarian Village front street. Maintained by Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce
Source: Leavenworth.org

Metaline Falls

WSDOT SR - 31 Metaline Falls
Camera ID: 0212
Description: WSDOT SR - 31 Metaline Falls
Source: WSDOT.gov

Mountain Home Lodge

Mountain Home Lodge, high above Leavenworth
Camera ID: 0020 Altitude: 5 Latitude: 47.565595 Longitude: -120.645010
Description: From the Mountain Home Lodge. Looking west from the main deck across 20 acre meadow and into the Stuart Mountain Range of the Cascades.
Source: MtHome.com

Odabashian Bridge

Looking North on 97/97A at Odabashian Bridge
Camera ID: 1424 Altitude: 1120 ft
Source: LakeChelan.com

Safari Beach Resort

Safari Beach Resort Web Cam
Camera ID: 0241 Altitude: 282 Latitude: 49.023938 Longitude: -119.469951
Source: SafariBeachResort.com

Stevens Pass mountain highway West, Washington State

Camera on western side of Stevens mountain pass in Washington State
Camera ID: 0009
Description: Washington State Department of Transportation Camera at Stevens Pass. Looking West.
Source: WSDOT.gov

Stevens Pass on US 2 East

WSDOT US 2 East Stevens Summit
Camera ID: 0421

Stevens Pass Ski Area Lodge Upper Skyline

Upper Skyline Cam Stevens Pass Ski Area Lodge
Camera ID: 0013
Description: Higher in elevation means more snow in winter, spectacular drive in summer.
Source: StevensPass.com

Stevens Pass Ski Area South Divide

Lower Skyline Stevens Pass Ski Area Summit
Camera ID: 0014 Altitude: 4,000 Latitude: 47.745445 Longitude: -121.088846
Description: You usually can't see the top. But this will show you the weather and the fun at Stevens Pass.
Source: StevensPass.com
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