Web Cams

Photos are a great way to see what a place looks like. Videos are even better because you can see the scene up close as it changes. Here is a list of web cameras set up by various organizations.

Jct SR 174 Grand Coulee

WSDOT SR 155 Grand Coulee
Camera ID: 0211
Description: WSDOT SR 155 Grand Coulee
Source: WSDOT.com

Loup Loup Summit Cam

WSDOT SR 20 - Loup Loup Summit
Camera ID: 0205
Description: WSDOT US 97 - Loup Loup Summit
Source: WSDOT.gov

BC Kelowna - Knox Mountain

Knox Mountain in Kelowna, British Columbia - Canada
Camera ID: 1071 Altitude: 606m Latitude: 49.907344 Longitude: -119.484442
Description: Knox Mountain in Kelowna is a natural wonder, boasting stunning vistas, lush landscapes, and the pristine beauty of nature, creating a picturesque escape in British Columbia.

BC Kelowna - One Water Street

One Water Street in Kelowna, British Columbia - Canada
Camera ID: 1058 Altitude: 343m Latitude: 49.897673 Longitude: -119.499203
Description: One Water Street in Kelowna is a residential gem that offers breathtaking views of Okanagan Lake and the surrounding mountains, providing residents with a daily dose of natural beauty and tranquility.

BC Kelowna - Sails

Kelowna Sails in British Columbia, Canada
Camera ID: 1057 Altitude: 343 Latitude: 49.886303 Longitude: -119.499367
Description: Sculpture in Kelowna, British Columbia - Canada

BC Kelowna - Stuart Park

Stuart Park in Kelowna, British Columbia - Canada
Camera ID: 1076 Altitude: 342m Latitude: 49.888243 Longitude: -119.497361
Description: Stuart Park is a park located near Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

BC Penticton - Barefoot Beach

Barefoot Beach in Penticton, British Columbia - Canada
Camera ID: 1075 Altitude: 351m Latitude: 49.451689 Longitude: -119.606941
Description: Beach on Skaha Lake, Penticton British Columbia, Canada

BC Vernon - Davison Orchards

Davison Orchards Country Village in Vernon, British Columbia - Canada
Camera ID: 1073 Altitude: 437m Latitude: 50.264719 Longitude: -119.309082
Description: Fresh farm food and family fun activities in the Okanagan. Located in Vernon, British Columbia.

BC West Kelowna - WFN Cam

Westbank First Nation in Kelowna, British Columbia - Canada
Camera ID: 1072 Altitude: 391m Latitude: 49.882063 Longitude: -119.534208
Description: Westbank First Nation is a self-governing nation in the Okanagan region of the Canadian province of British Columbia

Bear Mountain – Lake Chelan

WEB CAM - Wapato Point Resort, view from Bear Mountain – Lake Chelan
Camera ID: 1425 Altitude: 1120 ft
Source: wapatopoint.com

Blewett Pass

Veiw of Blewett Pass
Camera ID: 0011
Description: The main path between Cle Elum and Leavenworth - Wenatchee areas. 4,000 feet. Lovely in summer and snowy in winter.
Source: WSDOT.WA.gov

Canterbury Inn Beach Cam

Canterbury Inn Ocean Shores
Camera ID: 1364
Source: Canterburyinn.com

Chelan Glacier Vineyards Webcam

Situated on the South Shore of Lake Chelan
Camera ID: 0325 Latitude: 47.916425 Longitude: -120.175963
Source: ChelanGlacier.com

Colville - Canning

US 395 - Colville - Canning
Camera ID: 0210
Description: US 395 - Colville - Canning
Source: WSDOT.gov

CrescentBar Golf Cam

Sunserra Resort at Crescent Bar, WA
Camera ID: 2515
Description: The hidden treasure of Central Washington. Much to do and golf is just one of them.
Source: WeatherUnderground.com

Downtown Winthrop

Veiw of Downtown Winthrop
Camera ID: 0151
Source: Methow.us

Echo Valley Base Webcam

Base Cam Echo Valley Ski Area
Camera ID: 1136
Source: skiechovalley.com

Echo Valley Poma Webcam

Poma Cam Echo Valley Ski Area
Camera ID: 1137
Source: skiechovalley.com

Grand Targhee Resort Plaza

Grand Targhee Resort Plaza View
Camera ID: 0188 Latitude: 43.787148 Longitude: -110.959317
Source: GrandTarghee.com

Grand Targhee Resort Dreamcatcher

Veiw of Grand Targhee Resort Dreamcatcher Cam
Camera ID: 0177 Latitude: 43.787148 Longitude: -110.959317
Source: GrandTarghee.com
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