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San Diego Vacation Rental Managers Alliance

The California Vacation Rental Managers Association (CAVRMA), is an association of management companies and their affiliates who specialize in vacation rental management. Our members come from all areas of the state from the mountains to the coast to the desert. Our members are also members of the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA), the international trade association dedicated to professional vacation rental management. CAVRMA was created to provide state wide opportunities for collaboration and industry support. Collectively CAVRMA represents thousands of vacation rentals, including luxury homes, houses, cottages and condos. Our members are required to adhere to the highest standards of ethical business practices. This ensures that our guests enjoy a positive vacation experience. CAVRMA members recognize that a pleasurable vacation experience leads to repeat business and positive word of mouth. We are proud to help bring the highest quality vacation experience to our guests and to serve as leaders within the state and travel industry.
  • Address: 4901 Moreno Blvd, # 1003, San Diego, California 92117
  • Phone: 858-333-8000
  • Email:
  • Website: cavrma.org