BREAKFAST features a full selection of country breakfasts including our famous homemade Cinnamon Rolls. When presenting all our menu selections to you, we try to offer seasonal variations & specials throughout the year. For breakfast this includes Pumpkin Pancakes with homemade apple syrup in the autumn.

LUNCH offers lots of Luncheon Plates, a variety of Sandwiches and several scrumptious Burgers. Desserts include Home-baked Goodies, Ice Cream including our famous fresh fruit Milkshakes. We serve a variety of Hot and Cold beverages as well as items from the Espresso bar.

DINNER entrees include a different Dinner Special each night of the week (real “comfort food” including beef and pork roasts and country fried chicken on Sunday). Also on the menu are Appetizers, choices of Salads and Sides, and for Dessert homemade pies, cobblers, and bread puddings.


Some restaurant history…

For most of her adult life Florence (Buller) McCord lived EatDining2and worked in Northern California, where she managed Deb’s Restaurant in Eureka. In 1980 she retired back “home” here to Bullerville, and in 1982 she and Tootsie got “restaurant fever”. They bought the 11’ octagon building, with the help of Howard and Rudy Clark moved it to its present location, and Aunt Florence started the Eatery Drive-In. Her many years of restaurant management made it an instant success—her hamburgers were the best! Of course, there was no storage in the small building, and soon she tired of constantly carrying food from “down the road”. In 1986 the second octagonal building was built for freezers and storage, and a wooden boardwalk connected the two. Customers ate their food in “tents” to protect them from hungry mosquitoes. Business boomed.

By 1988 all agreed that inside seating was a must. Toeateryotsie wanted a “museum” in which to display some to the historical items that had been in the family for many generations. Florence wanted inside seating. Don Clark was again given the challenge of enlarging the Eatery and making both women happy. He decided to incorporate the existing two buildings as part of a unique design that was considered to be “much too big” at the time.

But, the Eatery Restaurant/Museum became an instant attraction. Aunt Florence ran the restaurant until her passing in 1990, and she is missed daily. Of course, TootsieEatFireplace has preserved all of the great recipes, and added her own dinner specials, bread pudding with whisky sauce, home made pies, her famous cinnamon rolls and many other tasty goodies.


In 1995 the need for freezer space again outgrew the storeroom area, and the walk-in refrigerator/freezer addition was added to the side. InEatdeck 1999 air conditioning was installed, making mid-summer dining much more pleasant. Any winter afternoons it’s nice to cozy up near the fireplace in the corner. Of course, Tootsie always has a plan for the future. She would like to add a year-around BBQ addition with additional dining room and “beer garden” seating.


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